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Feverfew is an effective remedy and protection from colds and flues. Magickally it can protect you from accidents, injury and love magick and remove any energy that would create these problems.
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Feverfew got its name from the word "febrifuge" because of its use to dispel fevers. Historically it was in England as a cure and a protective charm against colds and flus. Feverfew has also been used to ease hysteria, PMS symptoms, reduce migraines, aid with coughs or breathing problems, calm nerves and raise low energy. Magickally it has been used to prevent accident from clusminess or driving and can remove any spell that created accident energy. Feverfew also protects from sickness and injury, wards off binding love magick, eases suffering from dejection in love, promotes spiritual healing and banishes inwanted influences. Feverfew tea is an excellent cleanser for magickal tools especially if used in love magick. For a Driving Protection Charm put Feverfew, Rosemary and Hyssop in a bag and place it in your car. For a Soothing Tea brew a mix Feverfew, Chamomile, Lavender, Peppermint and Lemon Balm to calm your nerves and lift your spirits.


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