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Neem can clear viral and bacterial infections, heal and renew skin blemishes and repel insects. Magickally it is a powerful protector that wards off negativity and disease.
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Neem is an Indian tree that has been used for 5000 years for healing and ritual purposes. All of the tree is used and that is one reason for the name "Earth's wish fulfilling tree". The tree is planted near houses and hospital ground because its leaves purifies the atmosphere and kills germs.Neem is used in India during many rituals and celebrations, like in the first meal after a funeral and as an offering to Kali. Neem can fight bacterial and fungal infections, repel insects, increase immunity, treat malaria and diabetes,heal scars and blemishes and purify the blood. Magickally Neem is a powerful protector that wards off negativity and disease. Kali is sometimes portrayed as holding a Neem leaf instead of a word to fight off the demons of infection and disease. For a Scar and Blemish Removing Paste,grind a cup of Neem leaves and add two teaspoons of turmeric and one teaspoon of lime and honey and apply for 20 minutes, twice a week to heal those areas.

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