Peppercorn Black

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Black Peppercorn is a common spice that is useful for good digestion, clarity of thoughts and calming energy. It is great for breaking and releasing negativity, providing strong protection and promoting strength and will.
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Green, Black and White Peppercorns are all from the same plant, they are harvested at different time. Green Pepprcorns are the unripe fruit, Black is mostly ripe then allowed to dry to its black color, and white is fully mature and the outer covering has come off the fruit. Medicinally Pepper is a warming herb that acts as a stimulant and is good for digestion, clarifying thoughts, lessoning anxiety, lifting depression and calming anxiety.All Peppecorns are good magickally for purification and protection, Black Peppercorns are best used to get rid of negativity and to provide strength, confidence and inventiveness. Use Black Peppercorn to clear negative energy, banish negative spellwork and to invoke warrior alertness and strength for conflict. To banish evil eye energy make and incense of crushed Black Pepper, Asefotida and Agrimony. To make a Fiery Wall of Protection make a mixture of Black Pepper, Frankincense, Cinnamon and Dragons Blood and either burn it or place it in a pouch with Black Tourmaline.


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