Pau D'Arco Bark

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Powers: Purification, Abundance, Love Drawing, Protection, Repel Negativity
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Earth Smoke also known as Fumitory gets its name partly because it looks smoky from a distance and partly because it was burned to expel evil spirits. It grows best in unproductive soils where other plants struggle to survive. Medicinally it is a laxative and diuretic, it detoxifies and purifies the liver and kidneys, it aids with skin infections, it is toxic in high doses and can cause muscle paralysis. Magickally it has been used to draw abundance and wealth, bring love to our life, dispel and protect ourselves and our space from negative spirits and energy. Earth Smoke is also good to counter magick, cleanse and purify the body, a space or ritual items. Burning it at Halloween or in a new home is good because it removes all negative energy and allows clear space to reclaim and attract positive energy. For a Clear Negative Incense mix Earth Smoke, Myrrh and Rue and burn on charcoal to clear, purify and protect a space. For Home Wealth and Protection make a tea of Earth Smoke, Cinnamon and Orange Peels, light a green candle and sprinkle all the rooms with the tea mixture while asking for your house blessings.


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