Sassafras Herb

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Sassafras is a stimulating herb that provides warmth and vigor to the body, cleansing the blood and promoting sexual vitality. It has been used as a strong protection and to increase and maintain your wealth and business.
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Sassafras is best known as the flavoring in root beer or the thickener in Cajun Gumbo. It is native to the Eastern United States and is part of the Laurel family of trees. It was one of the most popular imports of Virginia and its use in teas and drinks was more popular than tobacco in London. Native Americans made use of its roots and leaves as medicine, food and offerings. It used before and after sexual excursions to increase the drive and deal with any consequences afterwards. It was thought to cure syphlis but was not found to be a sure cure. It was used by itself or with Sasparilla as a very effective blood cleanser, it gently stimulates and warms the entire system. It was used to treat colds, coughs and brochial issues, to ease rheumatism, cleanse urinary infections, help with digestive ailments and relieve uterine cramps. Sassafras is strongly protective and cleansing. It has been used to bring good fortune in money and business success and a steady increase in wealth. If you want to control your money and allow it to go further sprinkle it in your wallet touching your money. It is also useful in promoting sexual vitality, love and passion with its stimulating and positive energy. To make a Draw Customers Incense, mix Sassafras, Irish Moss and Alfalfa and place it under your carpets or at the doorway of your business once a week to attract repeat customers, make good business decisions and draw cash.


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