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Powers: Luck/ Money/ Courage/ Protection/ Spirit Communication
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Thyme is a perennial shrub and part of the mint family, it comes from the Greek word "fumigate". It is used for protection and cleansing as well as increasing the flow of money. Thyme can also be used to bring restful sleep and protection form nightmares. It was used to communicate with the dead and put in coffins to ensure their passage to the other side as well as bring courage and resilence to those left behind in dealing with their grief. If you want to communicate with the fairies you can blow dried thyme into the wind. Thyme has also been used in offerings to spirit, to bring courage to knights and to increase your attractiveness. To smell of thyme meant you were attractive, desirable and stylish. To make a Hold on to Wealth Charm place Thyme, Bayberry and Mint with Iron Pyrite into a bag and carry it with you. To create Make a Fresh Start Wash make a tea of Thyme, Marjoram, Rosemary, Hyssop, Cinquefoil and Basil and put it into your bathwater or floor wash.


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