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Powers: Fertility/ Money/ Love/ Lust/ Protection/Hex Breaking
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Patchoulli has a very distinctive and earthy smell. It was used for centuries to protect cloth from insect invasion. This warding ability makes it very useful for protection spells because its presence keeps away negativity. It also has a grounding and centering effect that allows one to tap into our center instilling confidence in a situation.  It has been used medicinally to bring vitality back into skin and hair providing an anti-aging effect. It has been used to uplift moods and provide a strong magnet to draw love, money and security. Patchouli is also used to break jinxes, promote fertility and strengthen or renew love and lust in your relationship. One easy money spell is to put the leaves or oil in your wallet and imagine the wallet being stuffed so full of money it will not close. Feel what that would be like to have an overflowing wallet as you smell the patchoulli. To make a Protection from Negative Energy Charm place Patchouli, Agrimony, Bay Leaves, Rosemary, Dill Seed and Hematite into a bag and carry it with you and imagine this energy as a mirror that reflects back unwanted energy. For a Fertility Spell place Patchouli, Black Cohash, Licorice Root, Eleuthero, Damiana and Milk Thistle into a cloth tea bag and use it in your bath and / or drink it as tea.



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