Lime Essential Oil

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Lime Oil is excellent for revitalizing energy and providing protection. It can help bring inspiration and creativity while clearing the space or mind of confusion.
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Lime Oil is from the fruit of the Lime trees which originally came from the islands of Malay. Lime has traveled the world especially as a culinary ingredient in food and drink. Lime Oil has been used to treat headaches, fevers and to clear congestion as well as act as an insect repellent and for skin care and toning. Lime Oil is similar to Lemon Oil but is more refreshing especially for the mind. Magickally Malay believes all evil spirits hate the smell so they use it for cleansing, purification, protection, healing and strengthening love. Lime Oil is excellent to encourage motivation, clarity and creativity so you can be the spiritual warrior and motivator in your life. For an Energy Blend use Lime Oil, Neroli Oil and Nutmeg Oil.


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