Unakite Tumbled Stone

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Unakite fosters healthy relationships in love and money through balanced emotions. It is excellent for aligning your emotions with your spiritual path with its nurturing, abundant, loving energy.
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Unakite is named for the Unakas Mountains in Tennessee and North Carolina where it was first found. Unakite is mostly Epidote with different combinations of Red Jasper, Pink Feldspar, Quartz or many other variations depending on the origin. Physically it helps with the growth of healthy tissue or weight gain after illness it assists with the function of the heart and lungs aiding with circulation, balancing body fluids and metabolism, aids the reproductive system especially during pregnancy and labor. Unakite works with the Heart Chakra and helps regulate our interaction with the outside world and helps control what we embace or resist. It works with healing the woundd self allowing our emotions to come to the surface to be processed, purified and released. Unakite aids in spiritual growth by bringing serenity and optimism to our consciosness so we can reach for our dreams and release the negative energies and addictions that have blocked you. It brings balance and harmony to all our relationships in love and abundance by showing us we can have joy and success without sacrificing one for the other. Meditate with Unakite to release the past and inspire movement toward your destiny. It is the perfect stone for nurturing children, enhancing gardening and encouraging growth in our health, hobbies and career.


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