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Larvikite is part of the Feldspar family of stones and gets its name from its place of origin the Larvik Fjord region of Norway. It has also been called Black Moonstone, Norwegian Pearl and Birds Eye Granite. This stone has been used to treat skin issues, to help with learning disabilities, to aid in recovery from stroke or help brain function. Larvikite has also been used to enhance vitality, promote weight loss, cleanse and purify body tissue and harmonize metabolism. It is a protective and grounding stone which cleanses the subtle bodies and facilitates a strong connection to the Earth. It is useful to ground during astral travel to open to new information and provide clarity to visions of past life recall. During meditation it helps to stimulate new pathways for knowledge and psychic growth. Larvikite can cancel and neutralize spells and structures that are no longer wanted. By connecting you to Nature, this stone will protect you in your day to day activities, when you are asleep, or when you are travelling, Larvikite is a supportive stone in abundance and wealth providing energy for endeavors, businesses, and projects until the completion of your financial goals.


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