Helm of Awe Natural Wood Burned Altar Tile

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These Helm of Awe Natural Wood Burned Altar Tiles express an Ancient Norse Spell for Protection. The burned symbols are 3-5 inches in diameter and the wood slice is a bit bigger than that.
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The Helm of Awe seems to have eight Elhaz/Alghiz runes radiating out from the center (symbolizing self or protectected item). Each Elhaz rune is by iteself recognized as a primary protection rune (often correlated with antlers). As a modern creation it would be nifty enough, but it has much history being spoken of in multiple texts through the centuries. Daniel McCoy did a great writeup of the Helm of Awe at his website. (His book rocks and it's well worth buying from him) Ideas for use include: placing offerings onto the tile at your altar to ask for protection, charging food/drink/items on this tile before wearing or consuming to receive the blessings, and placing in a space to bring the protection into the space.


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