Snakehead (Balmony)

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Powers: Revenge Spells,Cursing Herb,Broken Heart Aid,Reveals Truth,Patience and Perseverance
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Snakehead Powder or Balmony is associated with tortoises or turtles, because of this it is said to help one have the qualities of the tortoise from the famous race with the Hare. Burned in an incense it can give one patience and the strength to persevere. Balmony is named after a nymph who was turned into the plant for not wanting to attend the wedding of Zeus and Hera, and laughed at the thought of it, because of this it works well as a revenge or cursing herb. One can wrap a persons name in Balmony or sprinkle the herb on a picture of them to make them become sick. If one carries the herb or keeps it near it can help cure a broken heart or help regain one's appetite. If one makes a wash of it and wash your 3rd eye one can see truth clearly, especially if one is trying to sort through lies of others. It can be burned to make people choke on their lies or to cause harm. If one wants revenge it can be put into a black cloth with the person's name and buried at the foot of a grave. For a Return to Sender Incense mix Snakehead Powder, Agrimony, Sulfur and Calamus Root and burn when you want to stop negative energy coming your way.


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