Mustard Seed Black

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Black Mustard Seed is used in spells to cause confusion, strife and misfortune. It is also a powerful aid to helping to win court cases.
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There are many different mustard plants with various colors. Mustard Seed has been used for culinary reasons because of its taste and helping food be resistant to mold as well as stimulating the digestive system. Medicinally it has been used to ease arthritis pains, rheumatism and muscle pain, it can stimulate appetite, reduce intoxication and is an effective laxative as well as treat headaches, colds and bladder infections. Magickal uses of Black Mustard Seed include using it to win court cases, causing confusion to your enemies, providing protection from negativity and creating strife and disruption to unwanted entities and associates. Black Mustard Seed is a commn ingredient in a lot of Hoodoo recipes that remove, disrupt or confuse the law, enemies or negativity. Mixing Black Mustard Seed with Sulfur and walking backwards over a door or pathway of what you are disrupting will cause the confusion and strife.


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