Anise Seed, Whole

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Powers:Nightmare Relief,Negativity Protection,Psychic Enhanment,Youth Restoration and Summoning Spirits
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Anise is one of the oldest known herbs that was used for food, medicine and ritual. It was first cultivated by the ancient Egyptians and may have been used in some of their incenses. Anise was one of the ingredients in mustaceus which was a special cake made with digestive herbs as a finishing dish for feasts, this may have been the origin for wedding cakes. Medicinally Anise is good for coughs and congestion, being high in estrogen it helps to stimulate breast milk or ease menopause, it has been used as a digestive aid and can help the body absorb iron. It is attractive to all spirits enticing them to communicate with you or aid you in magickal work. It is very useful in meditation, psychic enhancement or protection incenses. Anise has been used for purification in exorcism or blessing oils and is said to ward and protect you from negativity. Anise seeds can be used in a bath for protection and works really well with Bay to remove negativity. It is used as a psychic aid and can enhance dreams and ward off nightmares. For an Invocation Incense mix Anise Seed with Myrrh and Dragons Blood and burn before doing your spellwork. For a potent Prophetic Dream Bag mix Anise Seed, Calendula, Dittany of Crete and Yarrow in a bag to place under your pillow.


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