Selenite Cut Chunk Stone

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Selenite dispels negative energy, evokes protection from the celestial realms and provides aid in communication with spirit and your higher self. Use Selenite to remove blockages from your physical or etheric body.
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Selenite is a crystalized form of Gypsum and its milky white appearance inspired the name which came from the Greek Moon Goddess Selene. Physically it has been use to promote mental clarity and memory,help alignment of the spine, reduce seizures,promote digestion and increase sexual drive and fertility. Selenite is excellent for dispelling negative energy, evoking protection from the celestial realms and providing aid in communication with spirits and your higher self. Selenite removes blockages and aligns the physical, mental, emotional and astral bodies and becomes a highway for travel to other realms.Selenite calms and soothes bringing a deep sense of peace and calm. It symbolizes the clearest state of mind attainable, making it excellent for telepathic communication and meditation allowing you to access past and future lives. It makes an excellent base for a talisman as it acts like a circuit board to connect all the stones with each other. Resting your head on a large piece of it can re-align hemispheric dysfunction of the brain.


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