Citrine Tumbled Stone

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Citrine does not absorb negative energy, instead it can release and transmute the energy into a more positive form.
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Citrine energizes every area of life and amplifies focus, manifestation, imagination and personal will.This yellow to golden-brown variety of quartz is one of only two minerals (the other is Kyanite) on Earth that does not hold negative energy, rather dissipating and transmuting it. It has been used to physically enhance stamina and energy, to help with digestion and skin problems, to help with kidney and bladder problems and activates nerves, concentration, memory and wisdom. Citrine has been called "Light Maker" which represents the sunny light and joy it embodies and projects. Citrine is a good crystal for protection for people who are overly sensitive or extremely vunerable to outside energies and influences, it surrounds them with light that protects their body and aura. Citrine is an amazing magnet for the manifestation of wealth, prosperity and success. It stimulates joy, wonder, delight and enthusiasm while raising self esteem and self confidence. It strengthens the body and mind while releasing negative energy, fears, phobias and habits. It stimulates both mental focus and endurance and promotes the clearing of the aura and chakras while aligning the auric and physical bodies and enhances creativity.


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