Iron Pyrite Rough Cut Stone

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This stone is also known as " Fool's Gold". Iron Pyrite is an excellent stone for manifesting ideas as well as abundance.
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Pyrite comes form the Greek for "Fire" because it can create sparks when struck by another stone or by steel. Iron Pyrite balances the solar plexus energy within each person and encourages our projective masculine energy allowing our personal power and self confidence to grow. Pyrite is used to draw wealth and money and can be carried for good luck. It also assists in manifesting ideas into creation by providing action, willpower and commitment to support the goal. Iron Pyrite can bring strength, grounding and protection with its strong connection to Earth. It is very good in combination with other stones to stabalize and strengthen their energetic links. When held it can be used to act as a lie detector or find imbalance. To make a strong Protection Grid use Iron Pyrite, Hematite, Black Tourmaline, Selenite, Red Goldstone and Lepidolite in a space where you want more physical, emotional, mental or spiritual protection. To do an Abundance Spell, burn a green or gold candle while annointing Iron Pyrite with a mixture of Basil, Benzoin and Thyme while focusing on being a magnet of abundance.


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