Orange Peel

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Powers: Love, Healing, Happiness, Success, Fertility
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Orange Peel has an uplifting scent that brings the joy of sunshine into our life. Orange Peel is associated with the Earth Goddess Gaea and the African Goddess Oshun representing love and money and the happiness that comes with harmonious relationship. Orange Peel can help with respiratory congestion, aids in immunity from colds and flus, excellent for skin and wrinkles and beneficial for the circulatory and digestive systems. Magickally this translates to boosting our beauty, our feelings of well being and self esteem allowing us to be more open and loving in our dealings with others. Orange Peel lifts those who are down, clears confusion and gives new life to our spirit. It has been used for spells of love, marriage, success, happiness, prosperity and fertility. Use Orange Peel in your bath to be more attractive to others and manifest love and marriage. For a festive Yule Potpourri mix Orange Peel with Frankincense, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Juniper Berries for protection and blessings for the home. For a Relaxing Immunity Boosting Tea mix Orange Peel with Hibiscus, Rose Hips and Hawthorne Berries.


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